Everyone has different ideas for their dream kitchen, from the colour of their tabletop and drawers to the distance between the sink and the oven. We find that the best items to include in a kitchen are the ones that blend functionality and aesthetically.

When completing your next home renovation, here are 5 must-haves to consider adding to your kitchen. 


Stylish Cabinets

One of the most prominent features of any kitchen is its cabinets, which come in a variety of materials, colours and sizes. When selecting kitchen cabinets, we recommend choosing the colour that matches the aesthetic you want. If you have lots of natural light coming in and want to have a bright kitchen, light colours (such as white or beige) are very complimentary.

Our recommendation for cabinets is to choose stylish varieties that feature finishing touches, light architectural details and different-sized cabinets, including combined base and wall cabinets. Housing a variety of different cabinets with a single finish theme can most certainly compliment the rest of your kitchen and make the cabinets pop out. 


A Deep Sink

Most of the time spent at any kitchen is the sink, which is used for cleaning dishes, defrosting, preparing food and storing items. When customizing your sink, we recommend installing a deep sink. Most sinks have a bowl depth of up to 6 inches, whereas deep sinks can range from 8 to 12 inches.

The advantage of deep sinks includes extra room for storing dishes and pans, less splashing when cleaning (due to the higher walls) and the ability to defrost larger items (such as chicken and turkey) by placing them into the sink. Deep sinks also allow for easier cleaning and cutting of vegetables, as they offer much more space to work with.

Deep sinks can come in a variety of materials and can also be installed as a stainless steel sink


Deep Drawers

Just like opting for a deep sink, installing deep drawers into your kitchen space is often a great choice. By installing deep drawers, you can significantly improve the amount of storage available in your kitchen. Deep drawers can also be pulled out due to the way they’re installed, allowing you to see all of your inside contents without anything getting lost on the edges. 


A Pro-Style Range

You’ve likely seen pro-style ranges when watching cooking shows, which involve running at restaurants or commercial buildings. Pro-style ranges offer a variety of extra features which aren’t commonly found in regular ranges — such as sealed gas burners, better quality parts, app-guided cooking and multiple-size variety. Having a pro-style range can be a huge improvement from your previous range and allow cooking to become a much better experience. 


A Multi-Functional Kitchen Island

When it comes to improving the functionality of your kitchen, nothing offers improved function and efficiency than a kitchen island. A multi-functional kitchen island can be used for extra space for cooking, seating, storage, and a variety of other things. By placing the kitchen near your sink, a simple turn can allow you to use the kitchen island as an extended counter — which is perfect for days when you’re cooking for several guests. 

Also, kitchen islands can be used as an extra table for when you have multiple families over. A multi-functional kitchen island can significantly improve the quality of life in your kitchen and provide extra space when needed.

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When completing your next renovation, make sure you consider the five must-have ideas we’ve listed above. These ideas are the perfect combination of aesthetic and functionality, providing you with quality improvements to your kitchen while also matching the aesthetic you want.

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